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The IAO will ensure IPSec VPNs are established as tunnel type VPNs when transporting management traffic across an ip backbone network.

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IPSec VPN is not configured as a tunnel type VPN.
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Using dedicated paths, the OOBM backbone connects the OOBM gateway routers located at the premise of the managed networks and at the NOC. Dedicated links can be deployed using provisioned circuits (ATM, Frame Relay, SONET, T-carrier, and others or VPN technologies such as subscribing to MPLS Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN services) or implementing a secured path with gateway-to-gateway IPsec tunnel. The tunnel mode ensures that the management traffic will be logically separated from any other traffic traversing the same path.

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Establish the VPN as a tunneled VPN. Terminate the tunneled VPN outside of the firewall. Ensure all host-to-host VPN are established between trusted known hosts.

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Have the SA display the configuration settings that enable this feature. Review the network topology diagram, and review VPN concentrators. Determine if tunnel mode is being used by reviewing the configuration. Examples: In CISCO Router(config)# crypto ipsec transform-set transform-set-name transform1 Router(cfg-crypto-tran)# mode tunnel OR in Junos edit security ipsec security-association sa-name] mode tunnel


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