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IPSec tunnels used to transit management traffic must be restricted to only the authorized management packets based on destination and source IP address.

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Management traffic is not restricted
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The Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) network is an IP network used exclusively for the transport of OAM&P data from the network being managed to the OSS components located at the NOC. Its design provides connectivity to each managed network device enabling network management traffic to flow between the managed NEs and the NOC. This allows the use of paths separate from those used by the network being managed. Traffic from the managed network to the management network and vice-versa must be secured via IPSec encapsulation.

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Configure filters based on source and destination IP address to restrict only authorized management traffic into IPSec tunnels used for transiting management data.

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Review the device configuration to determine if IPSec tunnels used in transiting management traffic are filtered to only accept authorized traffic based on source and destination IP addresses of the management network. If filters are not restricting only authorized management traffic into the IPSec tunnel, this is a finding.


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