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The network element must only allow management connections for administrative access from hosts residing in to the management network.

Finding ID
Rule ID
Cat II
Group Title
Management connections are not restricted.
Target Key

Remote administration is inherently dangerous because anyone with a sniffer and access to the right LAN segment, could acquire the device account and password information. With this intercepted information they could gain access to the infrastructure and cause denial of service attacks, intercept sensitive information, or perform other destructive actions.

Fix Text

Configure an ACL or filter to restrict management access to the device from only the management network.

Check Content

Review the configuration and verify that management access to the device is allowed only from the management network address space. The configuration should look similar to the following: access-list 3 permit log access-list 3 permit log access-list 3 deny any log ….. line vty 0 4 access-class 3 in If management access can be gained from outside of the authorized management network, this is a finding.