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Physical security controls must be implemented for SWLAN access points.

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SWLAN physical security controls
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If an adversary is able to gain physical access to a SWLAN device, it may be able to compromise the device in a variety of ways, some of which could enable the adversary to obtain classified data. Physical security controls greatly mitigate this risk.

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Implement required physical security controls for the SWLAN.

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Detailed Policy Requirements: The following physical security controls must be implemented for SWLAN access points: - Secure WLAN access points shall be physically secured, and methods shall exist to facilitate the detection of tampering. WLAN APs are part of a communications system and shall have controlled physical security, in accordance with DoDD 5200.08-R. SWLAN access points not within a location that provides limited access shall have controlled physical security with either fencing or inspection. - Either physical inventories or electronic inventories shall be conducted daily by viewing or polling the serial number or MAC address. Access points not stored in a COMSEC-approved security container shall be physically inventoried. Check Procedures: It is recommended the Traditional Reviewer assist with this check. Review the physical security controls of the SWLAN access points. - Verify site SWLAN access points are physically secured - -- Verify there is some method for alerting site security if the access point has been tampered with. - Determine if site SWLAN access points are in locations that provide limited access to only authorized personnel who are approved to access the access points. - Determine how the site conducts a daily physical inventory of SWLAN access points. Verify that required inventory methods are used, depending on if the access points are stored in a COMSEC container. - Mark as a finding if any requirement has not been met.


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