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The Cisco switch must be configured to obtain its public key certificates from an appropriate certificate policy through an approved service provider.

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For user certificates, each organization obtains certificates from an approved, shared service provider, as required by OMB policy. For federal agencies operating a legacy public key infrastructure cross-certified with the Federal Bridge Certification Authority at medium assurance or higher, this Certification Authority will suffice.

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Ensure that certificate requests are only sent to DoD or DoD-approved service providers.

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If PKI certificates are not implemented on the switch, this requirement is not applicable. Step 1: Review the switch configuration to determine if a CA trust point has been configured as shown in the example below: crypto ca trustpoint CA_X enrollment terminal Step 2: Verify the CA is a DoD or DoD-approved service provider by entering the following command: show crypto ca certificates The output will list the following information for each certificate: Trustpoint (will map to a configured trustpoint from step 1) Common Name (CN) of the issuer Organization (O) of the issuer Organization Unit (OU) of the issuer Note: Cisco NX-OS software supports only the manual cut-and-paste method for certificate enrollment If the switch is not configured to obtain its public key certificates from a DoD or DoD-approved service provider, this is a finding.