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The application server must allocate log record storage capacity in accordance with organization-defined log record storage requirements.

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The proper management of log records not only dictates proper archiving processes and procedures be established, it also requires allocating enough storage space to maintain the logs online for a defined period of time. If adequate online log storage capacity is not maintained, intrusion monitoring, security investigations, and forensic analysis can be negatively affected. It is important to keep a defined amount of logs online and readily available for investigative purposes. The logs may be stored on the application server until they can be archived to a log system or, in some instances, a Storage Area Networks (SAN). Regardless of the method used, log record storage capacity must be sufficient to store log data when the data cannot be offloaded to a log system or SAN.

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Configure the application server to allocate storage for log data before offloading to a log data storage facility.

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Review the application server documentation and configuration to determine if the application server creates log storage to buffer log data until offloading to a log data storage facility. If the application server does not allocate storage for log data, this is a finding.