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Expansion modules must be fully reviewed, tested, and signed before they can exist on a production Apache web server.

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In the case of a production web server, areas for content development and testing will not exist, as this type of content is only permissible on a development website. The process of developing on a functional production website entails a degree of trial and error and repeated testing. This process is often accomplished in an environment where debugging, sequencing, and formatting of content are the main goals. The opportunity for a malicious user to obtain files that reveal business logic and logon schemes is high in this situation. The existence of such immature content on a web server represents a significant security risk that is totally avoidable. The web server must enforce, internally or through an external utility, the signing of modules before they are implemented into a production environment. By signing modules, the author guarantees that the module has been reviewed and tested before production implementation.

Fix Text

Remove any unsigned modules.

Check Content

Enter the following command: "httpd -M" This will provide a list of the loaded modules. Validate that all displayed modules are required for operations. If any module is not required for operation, this is a finding. NOTE: The following modules are needed for basic web function and do not need to be reviewed: core_module http_module so_module mpm_prefork_module For a complete list of signed Apache Modules, review